Sublime Gold cartridges are the optimal vaping experience. Smooth and sweet, Sublime's carts contain cannabinoids and proprietary terpene blends for "dab-like" pulls. Glass tips make for refined vaping. Each cart is compatible with most standard vape batteries.



Sativa / Green Goddess

Available in 0.5g & 1g vape cartridges

Effects: Playful, alert, adventurous

Robots, bullet trains and fire-breathing dragons, the “Land of the Rising Sun” is all bright lights and no limits. This brilliant sativa brings the heat for a stimulating experience.



Sativa Hybrid / Sour Diesel

Available in 0.5g & 1g vape cartridges

Effects: Vibrant, balanced, jovial

Named after a city that knows how to celebrate, this bright sativa hybrid will make you the life of the party. It’s uplifting, radiant and full of energy – best for entertaining or getting those creative juices flowing.



Indica Hybrid / Cookies

Available in 0.5g & 1g vape cartridges

Effects: Peaceful, cheerful, thoughtful

Endless summers, longboards and sun-kissed memories – this relaxing indica hybrid was designed to enhance the enjoyment of outdoors. It’s perfect for impromptu beach trips, joyful moments and enlightened afternoons.



Hybrid / GDP

Available in 0.5g & 1g vape cartridges

Effects: Euphoria, relaxation, sleep

Charismatic, artistic and cool, this pure indica is all about body and soul. Its dreamy buzz is a companion to good music and lazy Sundays.