Blast off to new highs with Sublime’s next generation vape cartridges – Strata. These carts are filled with our prized cannabis oil and more cannabis-derived terpenes for out-of-this-world flavor. Each cart is compatible with most standard vape batteries.



Sativa / J1

500mg vape cartridge

Effects: Uplifted, focused, energetic

Powerful and fiery as the God of War, this luminous sativa spurs an otherworldly experience with its bright lemon, terpene-rich taste. This cart is great for getting things done.



Sativa Hybrid / Sour Tangie

500mg vape cartridge

Effects: Energized, relaxed, creative

This lively sativa hybrid, with a tangy, earthy orange taste, will get you buzzing like the fastest-moving planet. It lends itself well to cooking, dinner parties and paint nights.



Indica Hybrid / Skywalker OG

500mg vape cartridge

Effects: Calm, sleepy, comfortable

Calling on the God of the Sea, this indica hybrid, with a clean, fruity taste, will move you into orbit with a zero-gravity body high. It’s suitable for restful evenings, long walks and record-listening sessions.



Indica / Forbidden Fruit

500mg vape cartridge

Effects: Passionate, sensual, euphoric

Divine, compelling and as passionate as the Goddess of Love, this stress-relieving indica has a pleasurable, delicate floral taste, and will have you feeling at ease in the cosmos. It’s great for nights in to “Netflix and Chill.”