Sublime believes in the positive role cannabis can play in enhancing people’s lives, and our mission is to provide consumers with the most pleasurable, effective, and reliable products on the market.

We’ve built a team of top scientists and manufacturing experts to create innovative cannabis products that are consistent and trustworthy. Interested in joining our team? Please visit our careers page to learn more.

Our Method

From flower to finish, Sublime controls one hundred percent of the process to ensure the highest level of quality and consistency:

  • All of our products start with pesticide-free, sunkissed bud from our partner farms throughout California.

  • Our cartridge oils are made with state-of-the-art, custom-built cold ethanol extraction machines, which keep the entire process temperature controlled to stay true to the plant’s natural profile.

  • Our team of Ph.D. scientists reintroduce full-spectrum terpenes for enhanced flavor and effect. Our oils are made with no added industrial terpenes or harmful solvents for the cleanest and best tasting experience possible.

  • Our pre-rolls are made from the finest premium flower, and are sprinkled with extract and rolled in oil and kief.

  • Our cannabis edibles utilize industry-leading confectionery manufacturing to produce the best tasting edibles on the market with precise dosages.